Balancing archery

As we all know, archery is incredibly powerful and easy to do. To start with, the items needed to craft bows/ammo are everywhere and you can practice on wildlife out of harms way, meaning that with a little bit of time you can become rambo and just one shot everything.
I’d like to suggest some rather radical changes therefore:

  • make archery recipes cost more. Doubling material requirements wouldn’t be too bad, neither would adding other requirements (fletching for all ammo other than small game arrows for instance).

  • mulch ammo most of the time, other than with high archery skill/good arrows.

  • make small/weak arrows do very little damage to zombies. I feel this makes sense from a lore perspective, and would help balance things immensely if zombies became almost immune to anything other than very strong broadhead arrows shot from a good bow.

Obviously archery would still be slightly easier, but making it require a lot of investment before it could be used against zombies would balance it out a lot more.

(as always, because development is so fast, I’m sorry if some of these things have been implemented or decided on/against recently)

Archery isnt easy and fun to do any more bows and arrows got nerfed to all hell as well as all guns got a major nerf in terms of accuracy. If anything we should nerf melee styles because in what world is using barefists a highly trained man more deadly then a highly trained man using a baseball bat (sure you could argue that against normal humans fists might be better in terms of mobileness but in terms of damage and things that dont feel pain a weapon would be more damaging.