Avoiding Zombies

Hello, I’m a new player.

I’ve played plenty of roguelikes before and I’ve enjoyed this one for several hours. Recently I decided to switch off the slow-zombies mod. Unfortunately, now I don’t know how to keep my characters alive. I could probably figure something out if I just stayed in the woods, but that’s boring.

Is there a way to sneak or run?

What other tips can you give me for venturing into town?

Running is done by pressing the " key, by default.

It costs a lot more stamina, however, and Leg and Feet Encumbrance increases how many Movement points it costs to Run.

There’s also the Trait “Fleet-Footed”, which increases your Movement Speed by 15% on sure footing. “Quick” gives you more Points to use per round.

EDIT: This will help you escape zombies, but they’ll still see you. If you want to avoid detection, you should try taking the “Night Vision” trait and raiding at night. I’ve never tried it, but it seems to work for some people.

I read that I could press " to run in the wiki, but it doesn’t work for me. It says it’s an “unknown command”.

I’ve thought about raiding at night, is there a way to wait other than just holding down 5?

Sounds like you’re playing Stable 0.C instead of Experimental.

Stable is outdated by over two years.

Wait, there really hasn’t been a stable release in >2 years?

Nope. Just minor experimental updates more or less every day.

Ah, Well I guess I’ll get the experimental then…

I use the launcher from https://github.com/remyroy/CDDA-Game-Launcher/releases I don’t know if there’s a more recent or better launcher, but that’s the one I’ve been using and it keeps me up to date. The more recent versions no longer have the ‘slow zombie’ feature, but you can manually adjust enemy health and speed from the world screen. It also has a ‘classic zombies’ mod, which removes all special zombies (and after a while becomes very, very boring)

Even during the stable fleet footed and quick will pretty much guarantee you escape most zombies by just walking. If you really want to shake them off, get parkour expert and smash windows and run through them. That way, they’ll get slowed down while you won’t. Doing this also allows you to hit them a few times before they can hit you.


My guide for newbies.

Yes you can hit ( | ) “vertical bar” AKA (shift + backslash). It will allow you to wait by heartbeats or minutes, depending on if you have some sort of clock or not, as well as a few other options like sunrise/sunset.

Welcome to the Cataclysm!

RemRoy’s launcher is very convenient and what a lot of people use AFAIK, including myself.