Avali mutation tree

Made an Avali mod for CDDA, represeting Avali as a mutation tree. Originally made it for myself, PR’d it, but Kevin said it was too specific to include in the game so I’ll just post it here.

Avali are a sort of combination of bird+raptor in appearance and mutation tree traits. If you think you can improve/alter anything for balance or whatever feel free to make a PR to that repo. I’ll try to check it occasionally.

Maybe someone can PR an avali monster or zombie or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Avali created by RyujinZERO originally for Starbound, are now licensed CC-BY-SA, same as CDDA itself.


Not sure avali fit cata that well, but I’m a fan, so I’ll definitely give it a try! I’m always happy to see more mutation stuff.