A Idea Board (warning Just for talking about ideas I CAN'T PROGRAM)

So this is a simple Idea board mostly for discussing some ideas. admiralty more ones i post but anyone is free to post.if you want to talk about a idea please just say the category and number
Mutation changes
1 Mutation trees. Know this is a idea i have heard for other places. basically the idea is that mutations are done in three groups. KIngdom (the general animal kingdom) species (the more direct mutation it would be what the normal mutations are. non specific and broad with a theme) Race.( this is the more specific version) Example. Mamale (kingdom) Lubian (species) Wolf (race) so mutations like lubian and cattle would be in the mamale kingdom. but you could go with a sheep cattle mutation or pig. or on the lubian would have husky or wolf. No beast mutation since its a generic one already. alpha would go there as well. but medical, slime and chimera would be Scientific Kingdom.
2 Mutation evolution. Some mutations sound like they should be cool but are just problems. like Spider or insect limbs not actually working. Personally i would say after some time the player would be able to use the new limbs.

Says it in the title bro, and the Dev who made it is great at explaining how it works

its more time over skill. I currently have college classes and stuff so its more idon’t have the spare time to program or learn

Well the main contributors all have jobs outside of CDDA that take up time… You dont get paid a lot (if any) to work on an open source game y’know…

dude. this is just a Idea board to work on the ideas Before i even think of doing any programing.
I am firmly on the side that i will miss details or plot holes in the ideas and that having others say something will help me improve the idea.
thats why Its says Idea board. its just for vetting the ideas and letting others say their own ideas.

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