Ascii or Tileset? Experimental or stable?

I haven’t played this game in forever (since June or July) and it’s changed a lot. So what are the pros and cons of experimental and what are the pros and cons from stable? Also do you guys use ascii or the new tileset?

I’d recommend stable for a… well stable gameplay, experimental will have lots of cool new things though, if you want to help the game out play experimental and report any bugs you found. :slight_smile:
Titles or ASCII, it really boils down to preference. Personally I play with ASCII graphic but the titlesets coming with the game are pretty nice too, not sure how complete or up-to-date each titleset though.

I pretty much always play experimental, though I keep 3 folders for cataclysm and cycle the newest versions through them incase there are stability issues with one. That said, I havent had an experimental with common crash sized bugs in it for months.
ASCII cause im used to it and can read it like a book, but im the same with DF.

I use HRose’s tileset:

Experimental all the way, every day.

As far as I am concerned graphical tiles obscure more than ASCII. ::slight_smile:

Pros of the stable:

  1. The wiki is (usually) up to date with the stable. So if you are newer then you can get more help with it

Cons of the stable:

  1. It’s… stable. This means that you don’t get any new features and every once in a while you will hear about something cool on the forums, try it out, and then be told “that’s experimental only”.

Pros of the experimental:

  1. Many of the bugs in stable versions are fixed in the experimental
  2. You can help with game development by reporting bugs
  3. You get to experience new features before they are present in the stable (up to the point that shortly before release the experimental is basically the same as the next version, so right now the .8 exp is basically the same as .9).
  4. New content almost every day!

Cons of the experimental:

  1. Every once in a while we miss a bug and stuff breaks
  2. Not always as well balanced as the stable version
  3. New content almost every day, it can make it a bit harder to remember what everything does and how it all works.

That said I personally use the experimental (as a developer it’s kinda hard not to :P) and the ASCII version of the game.