Artifact armors not loading correctly

Artifact armors are not loading with the values listed in artifacts.gsav (at least if you edit the values). They are probably not being generated correctly either. The it_artifact_armor constructor calls the it_armor constructor with an extra argument (“SOLID,” presumably equal to 1) causing all armor artifacts to have a volume of 1 and bumping all its other stats over.

it_artifact_armor(std::string pid, unsigned int pprice, std::string pname, std::string pdes, char psym, nc_color pcolor, material pm1, material pm2, unsigned short pvolume, unsigned short pweight, signed char pmelee_dam, signed char pmelee_cut, signed char pm_to_hit, unsigned pitem_flags,
               unsigned char pcovers, signed char pencumber,
               unsigned char pdmg_resist, unsigned char pcut_resist,
               unsigned char penv_resist, signed char pwarmth,
               unsigned char pstorage)

:it_armor(pid, 0, pprice, pname, pdes, psym, pcolor, pm1, pm2, [B]SOLID[/B],
pvolume, pweight, pmelee_dam, pmelee_cut, pm_to_hit, pitem_flags,
pcovers, pencumber, pdmg_resist, pcut_resist, penv_resist, pwarmth,

Removing the offending argument from the constructor seems to fix it.

Thanks for the precise bug report, fixing now.