Armor Up! A mod to make armor more better. New PA Utilities pack!

fair enough :slight_smile: again, ty for the mod though, my survivor feels a bit more like a bad ass space marine now

Glad to hear it. I recommend updating to the newest experimental version, if there’s still problems with my version then, I’d appreciate if you let me know.

My current survivor is on a mission to install every none detremental CBM in the game, so I’m gonna hold off until either I’m successful or she dies horribly. They added the body slot rebalance recently I think? and the goal would no longer be possible.

Bionic slots are disabled until somebody can make the system not a mess. Which really means “disabled for the foreseeable future.”
The big change to bionics is you need anesthetic kits and an autodoc to install them now, so you may want to hold off on upgrading until you’ve installed any giant piles of CBMs you’ve got in your hoard first. Then you can upgrade and get the new CBMs that have been added since.

Sounds good, I might just do that. I’ll let you know how the mod runs when I update, I’ve still got a copy of the original file so I can just swap them out but I’m honestly a bit iffy about updating mid save, this is my first survivor to survive for a long time and I’d hate to lose her to compatability issues.

ok, installed the launcher and added the unedited mod. It doesn’t display the same bugs from the outdated version I have but it does show a new bug (doesn’t display the recipe for PA sheath, which was a bug I had but it didn’t actually have a message) the edits I made originally still seem to fix it. Weird stuff

Very weird. Not sure what to make of it in all honesty.