Armor durability

I wish I could rely on the armor of my vehicle not to be damaged by punches. A zombear once punched his way through the heavy duty board (protected by composite armor) of my apc while I was reading inside. This is annoying, it happens very often and I am sick and tired of always having to repair the dents after a zombear attack. I suppose that a zombie animal could smash through an ordinary car eventually, but it should not be able to do damage to a tank. Except its a zombear with an antitank missisle launcher

My APC is double layered… plus it has a turret… but ya I know what you mean… eventually there should be a threshold where regular animals zombified or not shouldn’t be able to claw in. Their decaying arms/claws/jaws should break/snap/shatter before they get in. This is because vehicle parts only have a durability stat and no armor stat. Since it has no armor all damage is the the same and will eventually break it. That white bunny of doom will claw his way inside eventually while doing only 1 damage.

Yes give different parts different amounts of armor. Only a attack wich does more damage than the part has armor should do damage to the part.