Armor stats shown differently in-game vs. cdda guide

for example, tempered steel chainmail vest, torso:

layer: outer
coverage default: 100
bash: 13.20
cut: 13.20
ballistic: 9
stab: 10.56

layer: outer
coverage default: 100
bash: 7.20
cut: 7.20
ballistic: 3.60

Why are the stats different, and why is stab protection missing from json?

You are playing on 0.G and looking at the guide version for the most recent experimental.

I’m playing a version from this month. I don’t see a relevant recent change on github.

Stab is by default 80% of cut resistance and not necessarily explicitly defined in json.

Tempered steel chainmail vest torso values were 13.2/13.2/9 in stable G, and 7.2,7.2,3.6 in the latest experimental (and has been at least since august 23). You can select the version at the bottom of hhg.

Did you confirm the version you’re playing on where you saw those numbers? Do you have a copy of both experimental and stable on your device?

On the main screen it says version is 84b2f37. How do I know
how new it is?

Updated to latest version, in-game stat of tempered chainmail vest, torso:
bash 13.20 cut 13.20 ballistic 9

bash 7.20 cut 7.20 ballistic 3.60

I’ve found out why there is such difference. The cdda-guide doesn’t take this line into account:

"replace_materials": {
    "steel": "qt_steel_chain"

Therefore, all varieties of chainmail vests are considered to be of the same material, steel, which is not true.

Hence, the in-game stat is probably correct.