Armor against flying blow from moose, zombie hulk, etc

For now, there is few enemy that can stirke you flying away, like moose, zombie hulk or someting,

I think this system may be little unrealistic to me, because you can getting flying off by wearing heavy armor, like heavy power armor or something,

If we can getting flying by zombie hulk, that just fine to me,

because after all, it’s a monster with the powerfull strength, but still, I don’t think the heavy power armor can getting flying that easily

but the moose, I mean, seriously, a way too much strength to stirke fly the power armor to me, even I was wearing the heavy power armor, I still getting flying blow by moose,

how can that animal have such strength like zombie hulk? and the moose isn’t became a zombie one too, It shouldn’t be have such strength to beat people away, you know,

I hope there will be some system can let people stop getting flying blow, like you can rolling on the ground to stand up, to prevent hit anything,

or simple blocking the attack, completely stop getting flying, or just knock a few distance, or even better, make counter attack to throw the enemy instead,

that’s all I want to said, trust me, it really hurt…

I did not know that moose could send you flying, and I agree that this is ridiculous. However, you won’t be getting armor against flying blows, since flying blows themselves are supposed to balance heavy armor.

Blocking or dodging does work to stop flying blows. It’s only when you actually get hit that you go flying.

Regarding knockback distance… It’s TOTAL weight what should reduce the distance you fly back, not the type of armor.

If you think a Moose lacks the power to send ppl flying back, there may not be so many videos about them, but there are about Bulls. Check any bullfighting video were a 600Kg bull connects with some poor soul and sends him flying up/back…

…A male adult Moose can grow up to 700Kg with comparable running speeds to a Bull, meaning it has the muscular mass to provide the same kind of violent hits able to transfer such ammount of momentum.

Hm, I didn’t think of that.

Since a moose in real life is as average the size of a Buick / mini van. No. Getting knocked back is not ridiculous.

Especially the antlers that lift you up into the air while they charge you.

Hope this helps explain this.