Ares Modular Gun System: an experimental mod testing the limits of gunmod system

Ares MGS was an experiment in faux gunsmithing. Its goal was to provide a comprehensive guncrafting experience based on the existing gunmod system. It was meant to be part of Project APEX, where it would’ve been very much at home, given APEX’s own experimental nature.

However, after a long time trying to make the thing work – and see it fall apart because I’ve been operating on the fringes of engine’s functionality – I’ve decided to relegate the idea to archives. It took just a little too much effort to coordinate, test, and tweak for a single modder to maintain. So, I’m releasing the unfinished version to the public – along with an extensive list of design considerations for anyone interested in such detail. You can find all of this in the repo.

It was an interesting project. Glad I’d decided to give it a shot back in the day. There’s quite a number of lessons to learn from it if you’re the sort of a modder who takes their work with the seriousness of an engineer.

Feel free to use Ares for your own mods, either partially or entirely. If you do, let me know: it’s always cool to see things like that take shape.

DO NOT USE IN LIVE GAMES. The mod, for however much of a mod it is, is unstable: it hasn’t been properly tested, and whatever bugs were present when I stopped working on it are still there. I’m publishing it for posterity, for sharing the lessons, and for insight into the development of such a thing.


Cool. I’m gonna tested a bit.

Your mod is amazing dude, and some bugs are just dumb code fails and small mistakes. The discard problem of some items is simple fix by taking out the word “apex_” of line of code in the “copy_from” format. I still not found the reasson for the missing type of item but no items are discard now.


Thanks for testing it out! I didn’t expect any efforts towards making it work: just posted it for posterity.

If you would create a pull request for the changes you find necessary, I would accept it. Maybe it could be something players get to use at some point.

I’m kinda busy right now, I’m working on the remake of the Modular Turrets and Salvaged Robots. But once I finish working in that I’ll check your mod in detail.