Anyone know how to fix camp expansions not appearing in manager tabs? v.9111

As per the subject: expansion tabs don’t seem to appear in the camp manager. New camps only – old save’s camps work fine. Here’s the test I did, to make sure it wasn’t a mod conflict:

–New world with DDA and NPC needs disabled only
–Spawned some NPCs and started a camp. Built until the ‘expand camp’ option became available.
–Sent a surveyor to make a north kitchen. Waited until he returned.
–Tab for north still grayed out and unavailable. (Img. 1)

–But the holes were dug for the expansion as normal (Img. 2)

–Also, the expansion shows on the overmap. (Img. 3)

Attempted to fix by building extra bulletin boards, tearing down the original, building up the main camp in the hopes that would unlock the expansion, and trying the same test with a blacksmith, but no dice. Version 9111. Likely I’m missing something obvious here – any advice?

(edit to fix weird screenshots – sorry!)

There was a bug, but it should be fixed by now. Update again I’m afraid.

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You are awesome. Thank you so much!