Any technique or mods to automate debug menu wishes? (sort-of cheating, but not really)

background: I’m relatively new to CDDA (but not to roguelike), I figured out a routine for the first day that gives my basic tools and equipment and train basic skills, I do it every time I die and start a new game, so it’s getting repetitive.

I don’t want to resort to save-scumming (mainly because dying wouldn’t reset my world), so I figured the debug menu is the way to go. but alas, manually looking up the same 20-something items is also not very fun.

I haven’t manage to find any mod to answer my need, so maybe someone here can guide me in the right direction?


You could make a mod that contains one item that is disassembled into the 20ish item you want. Then you just wish for that item and you get everything you want.

Also it s totally cheating, and maybe trying harder scenario would be more fun. But that’s ok you do you.

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Alright I’ve made the mod :

You just have to edit the list of component in bagofwishes\recipe_deconstruction.json

Wow, that’s incredibly generous of you to make me a mod, you are a life saver.

I don’t know anything about mods, even installing this one manually and then getting it to work took me over an hour (and I still haven’t figured how to spawn clothes that are not poor fitting). There’s no way I would make a mod myself.

I still insist it’s not cheating, I’m not getting an AR-15, just the makeshift hammer and all the other stuff I make from the shelter furniture and nearby rocks. I’m giving myself huger and thirst to reflect a hard day of work as well…

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And I insist that… cheating or not, really should not matter if ultimately game is more enjoyable for you :slight_smile: You don’t have to explain yourself before anyone other than you, If this mod make game less tedious and more for you, hen kudos to the author :slight_smile:

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Sir, he has offended my honor, so I must protest! Though I suppose he could have named the entire thing “cheater’s bag” and didn’t, so I can’t really complain (he left a little joke inside the mod, I’m not really this insecure).

This forum is amazing, I was hoping for a tip in right direction, and got a mod. Thanks again Fris0uman!

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If you change the time entry in recipe_deconstruction.json from 1 second to the amount of time that it would actually take to craft all of the items, it will save you the trouble of debugging the hunger and thirst. The passage of time will do this naturally.