Diluted Mutagens - Need assistance from experienced mutagen users

IMPORTANT: Currently the mod only has diluted versions of the Feline and Lupine mutagens. This is purely because I can’t balance the other ones, so I need someone to help me out. It’s just a matter of filling out a google sheet with the relevant info. Once that’s done, it’ll only take me a minute to run a script that turns it into the finished mod.

If you’re interested in helping, please send me a message on discord (Olaroll#2208).
You can also find the spreadsheet here. Feel free to make a copy and try filling it out.

What is this mod?

Have you ever felt that you don't use mutagens because they are too risky?
Want to genetically engineer the perfect monster waifu?
Or maybe you just want some cat ears and a tail without turning into an abomination?
If yes, then this might be the mod for you!

This mod allows you to dilute your mutagens to make them safer, but also less potent. Effectively, this means that you now have a low-risk, low-reward option for mutating your character. You can also avoid becoming a furry.

It also adds new skin mutations that only cover your limbs. (Better animal ears mod can be found here)

Here's the detailed feature list
  • A Diluted and Extra Diluted variant of every mutagen (once I get help and finish the mod).
    • Diluted ones will lock you out of extreme mutations and downgrade some others.
    • Extra Diluted mutagens only give you the staples of the category.
  • Diluting is done by combining a targeted mutagen with a purifier and generic mutagen.
  • All diluting recipes are learned from the same books as regular mutagen.
  • Almost all skin mutations now have a version that only covers your limbs. Obtained with Diluted mutagens.
    • These new limb mutations come with their own sprites if you use the Undead People tileset.
    • Limb mutations can also be acquired randomly on the path to one of the regular skin mutations.

How do I get it?

Installation is the same as any other mod:
  1. Download the zip from github
  2. Extract DilutedMutagens folder into cata/mods
  3. Make sure it’s enabled on your world
  4. Have fun!

If you need more detailed instructions, then a good write-up can be found here.

And finally, here’s a link to the github:


I don’t know if you’re around anymore, but I’ve forked your mod for Bright Nights. Installation is the same, debugging showed all craft recipes and implemented mutations work as well.

Of course the only two diluted mutagens actually implemented are the felines and lupines.
Interested parties may enjoy the modification as they see fit, all credits due to Olaroll.