Annoying good skills


with the new bow update I am having fun with it but there is one issue with it. As you get better and get better equipment you cant get the basic ingredient. All the crow I meet get headshotted and explode!

It is very annoying and prevent me from getting feathers.

Thank you

Throw rocks, or in case of emergency, other stuff like a wrench. I found even at throwing 11 with 11 or greater strength, throwing wrenches keeps the corpse there, and I think it still does with rocks, though I don’t get close enough for major damage.

I know a few workaround but keeping a sling on me while a arrow should not blow the whole corpse is not fun.

Unless the a code contributor say its intended well I will consider this a bug.

and… how did you get to 11 throwing!!

Throw a LOT of rocks at things.

As for not obliterating small animals we now have small game arrows that never gib the target. It should solve your problem.

I have skill rust off, easy mode. Also, I think there’s a CBM which prevents skill rusting, or at least to last level.

I only got up to that because of skill rust off, I’ve since switched to archery which I think is higher.

I generally spend the Daylight when I have nothing else to do, throwing rocks at the wall, or shooting a bow at the wall to include such skills. Makes skill building really easy…