Ammo and explosions

Thought this was gonna be some cool infinite explosion bug? Nope.

I was wondering (and on a work computer without cataDDA) if ammo like thread and sinew and things such as these that are counted as ammo but shouldn’t be explosive would explode?

Did you guys be clever and code it in so thread doesn’t explode when burned? Can someone test this?

Oh god… All my clothing was reinforced using that thread. Better be careful then. lights a cigarette

I think we did have that bug, and I think we also fixed it at some point.

Cool, explosive thread and nails would be an awesome/hilarious bug.

Also, houses would explode like in the movies.

Had some explosions in a ‘paper house’ i set on fire. Don’t know what blew up, but it took the red ‘a’ inhabitants with it.

I big red oyster, cork.
INT 3. :smiley:

Paper houses tend to have Cool Stuff in them along with the wasps.