Explosive slugs don't explode

As the name implies. Tried firing a bunch of explosive slugs from my sawed off Saiga 12 with bayonet. Also tried throwing the slugs. No luck!

Woops. Got an explosion, so it might be fine?

There’s some oddity with how explosive ammunitions work right now, it’s being worked on.

Related: my Simple Flamethrower simply wasn’t throwing flames. Depleted ammo, made the fun “Fwoosh!” sound, but didn’t start fires or cause damage.

Not a fun thing to discover when onsite at a Fungal Bloom.

This STILL hasn’t been fixed? I remember discussing it on github like 2 weeks ago. Issue #960, 12 days ago. Because of a conditional that checks whether the projectile “does damage,” sometimes explosions will not occur. If armor deflects the grenade/rocket, or if it kills the target outright, the explosion does not occur, since the damage is set to zero in these cases.

As of 2 days ago the fix that you suggested in that particular issue was merged in. It should be in the nightly versions by now, as well as the main dev version.

Also the flamethrower fix is currently waiting for another dev to check it out and merge it (since the main devs aren’t allowed to merge their own commits to ensure that at least 2 people check any given commit).