(a5688e2) Rubble burns forever

Pretty sure this has been happening for at least a few months worth of releases back, but burning buildings never stop burning unless you manually edge up to the fire and clear the rubble out from underneath it. Flammable materials inside the rubble don’t burn until the rubble is cleared ; I was trying to erase a burning house and noticed plenty of splintered wood (and some ammo, which exploded immediately after uncovering it)

I’m guessing rubble is flagged to be flammable if flammable objects are in it, but something is protecting the flammable objects inside from ever being burned. Fires will go out but quickly spread back again.

Do you have Vehicle Additions Pack mod?

It came with the default mods but it’s turned off.

Yeah, the VAP marks rocks as ammo, and that then gets 'em to parse as flammable. :-/ Thought we fixed that but apparently not fixed enough.

I reported the bug and proposed a fix, but never wrote it and then forgot about the issue.

The simplest fix would be to simply add a special case, but that would make some bombs in VAP not explode in fire and if anyone made a mod with weird ammo later, it would require yet another special case.

A bit better fix would be to limit the “if ammo then flammable, except cases” hack to metal ammo and only special case those. Plastic and paper already burns, so they wouldn’t need to be touched here.

An even better fix would be to add “powder” material to all ammo and remove the “is ammo” case altogether.

The best fix would be too big to describe here.

I’ll try to implement the “a bit better fix” right now.

Powder seems worth considering.

Yeah, the powder thing would be a proper, non-hacky solution. The problem is that it would require quite a bit of attention to make sure all ammo is properly updated.
I’ll try adding it, but I’m not sure if I will cover all cases.

I’m going to search for all ammo with cookoff-type tags (everything handled in fire code) and explodes_in_fire data.

Sorry, must have made it unclear ; it was regular non-VAP ammo exploding in the rubble. Problem is that rubble from collapsed building just won’t stop burning, fire goes out but speads back over it even when waiting in the reality bubble a few days. When I edge up to the fire with a shovel and start clearing the rubble to let it burn out, plenty of flammable objects are sitting in rubble ; wood, books, clothing, zombies, ammo, etc.

OK, it’s a totally different bug then. I thought it’s the old one because it looked really similar on the outside.

The bug works like that: fire can’t burn items inside sealed containers. Rubble is a sealed container (so that you can’t pick stuff up from it).
This can be fixed either by:

[ol][li]Allowing fire to burn sealed containers[/li]
[li]Allowing fire to burn only SOME sealed containers[/li]
[li]Make rubble not-sealed[/li][/ol]

  1. Is probably a bad idea, since this no-sealed-burn thing was a fix to something (I don’t remember what).
  2. Can be done hackily (by simple checking if the id is rubble), ugly (by allowing fire to burn sealed furniture but not terrain) or nicely (add a new “not sealed from fire” flag)
  3. Would allow picking stuff from rubble and so is probably not a good idea

Unless someone has a better idea on how to fix, I’m going with the 2-nicely

Go ahead with 2 nicely :stuck_out_tongue: