Alterations to MCA (and welding in general)

Disclaimer: I base this only on what I’ve experienced playing the latest Experimental build.

So basically, the changes to Military Composite Armor, and the changes to welding in general, seem well intentioned but poorly implemented. As it is, all its doing is discouraging the player from using certain materials and adding tedium, respectively. The ideas they represent (that repairing vehicle armor should require resources and specialized skills which the player might not have) are good ideas, though, so here are my ideas for how to split the difference between realism and fun:

1: Military Composite Armor should require very high Fabrication and Mechanics to repair, and consume ceramic plates in the process. In so doing, the player gets a goal to strive towards and a realistic limitation to using high-level equipment too early. Additionally, the game could introduce a ceramic recycling tool or appliance to put the Compromised Ceramic Plates from ballistic vests to good use.

2: Welding rod/wire requirements for repairs/installations should be reduced, and raw materials should only be needed to repair XX-damaged parts.

How realistic is it even to repair military composite Armor.

I can´t imagine how you would use ballistic plates for vests to repair vehicle armour (they have very different caracteristics). The only way I could see to repair a hole or damage to military armour would be to use high carbon steel to fix holes and weld it back together. This would still be a inperfect fix however and should probably degrade the armour similar to frames. The other option is to just rip a section of new armour of another vehicle and slap that on.

You could however probably fix it with migo-resin. That seems to be maluable enough, light weight enough and stong enough to restore entegrity to the armour.

Please characterize the amount of tedium introduced by this change in terms of actions per hour within the game. My understanding is that for a typical player repairing or replacing vehicle armor is going to be a very rare activity and and I’m at a loss for how making composite armor unrepairable is a significant contributor to tedium.

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But it isn´t unrepairable. You can simply take it off and repair it as an item. You simply can´t repair it when it is on the vehicle which is kind of pointless and does add extra tedium.

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Thank you for the bug report.