Alcohol as disinfectant

It seems as if I should be able to use any 80 proof or higher alcohol as a disinfectant. Thoughts?

while nice, I appreciate options, but don’t see myself doing such.
+1 recommend :slight_smile:

I believe whiskey has been used as a sort of disinfectant before modern medicine came about. This seems like a nifty idea, I support it.

Needs to be more pure, and something that isn’t full of other stuff (Sugars and the like) Should probably have a chance of failing to clean the wound but other than that makes a nice improv disinfectant… Cause pain too perhaps? Not as much as cauterizing though.

[quote=“EkarusRyndren, post:4, topic:3793”]Cause pain too perhaps? Not as much as cauterizing though.[/quote]While I’ve never cauterized any of my wounds IRL (and I sincerely hope I never need to), using alcohol to disinfect your wounds hurts a LOT. Of course, said alcohol in my case came from a sterilized alcohol prep pad, but it still stung nonetheless.

From what I understand the sting of disinfectant (Which isn’t there in game currently?) isn’t nearly as bad as cauterizing a wound. That said I’d assume disinfecting with booze would be less likely to succeed than using disinfectant but not sting as much as cauterizing. But should still hurt.

Why not implement pissing, then collect piss in bottles like sniper from tf2 and drink it use it to disinfect wounds and disorientate smelling enemies?

IIRC urine can’t kill bacteria in a wounds, soldiers used it as the last resort when there are no clean water to clean open wounds, since urine contains no germs (but to make sure that your urine does not subject to bacteria in the urethra, you have to use mid-stream urine :p).

Edit: Upon further research, I found out that urine contains salt, which can kill bacteria. But the urine itself also have harmful chemicals ( sodium and mineral) your body excreted , so reintroduce harmful chemicals back into your body isn’t a very good idea.

Totally agree.
Even salt water could be used as a weak disinfectant.

Yeah, and heroin was considered “good for your skin tone” back in the 20s.

Here, take a look at the real deal with disinfecting:

This is what you need to have a solvent mixed with. Clean cloth is, again, clean cloth.

You can already turn alcohol into disinfectant via crafting.