Aircraft In Game


This seems like one of those rabbit holes that will lead to me spending the next few days finally rebuilding that old laptop to run lubuntu like i’ve been meaning to.

I’ll get right on it

(edit to add: You do realize that me saying “Hey, I’ll write some prose for y’all” has snowballed into me learning JSON, git, and c++ this week?)


Well, Good news that it could be done It’s too bad that nobody with the knowledge to do so seems highly interested in it.


There are definitely more pressing things to be fixed first. NPC AI and faction camps among them. But its something to look forward to.


That’s a shame for you, but people contribute the stuff they’re interested in. And again, I am interested in adding them eventually but there’s a lot of higher priority stuff first.


You could always sit inside the wrecked Ospreys making airplane noises.


If only wrecked aircraft were in game.
I remember a long time ago me and BrokenAdmin thought of making a mod that added empty UH-1 Helicopters in the world with military loot, but he got caught up in other work and never completed it.


There are wrecked aircraft. I found a wrecked apache or something and pulled the miniguns off of it.


My version must be old then, I never remember coming across intact or wrecked aircraft, identifiable wreckage that is


Are you running stable, or experimental? I find a couple wreckages in every field, if anything I think they’re too common.


Last experiential version the Google play CDDA is running, and up to date experiential on my pc