Age, height and weight randomly generated on my character - Can I edit it?

I selected to play as Missed - Highschool student.
I was automatically given “Overweight”, “168cm” and “51 years old”…
Is there a way for me to set this or edit the save file to make it right??

I know it’s probably just flavor text, but could someone please brief me on it?
I am a long-time cata dda player and coming back to a game that is now better than ever.
I would just love for this one little thing to be done properly too.

During character generation, you could press left/right arrow keys, h/l or 4/6 to cycle through age, height, blood type and then back to your name. Characters usually start “Overweight”.
After that, the only way to change the age/height/blood-type is by editing the save file of your character (base_age, base_height, blood_type and blood_rh_factor in the .sav file).
You can change your weight with the debug menu, save editing or exercising, but you’re probably better off to leave that one alone, as you will need that stored fat for the start…

No. The age at least is used in the calculation of calories needed per day, the hight too, but it also has other applications. As far as I know, blood type and rhesus factor do not have any use yet - blood transfusion were still in the works last I checked.

Aw, maybe he just got held back.

For thirty-five years…

I’m not sure how the American highschool system works… but you can attend Swiss highschool (Gymnasium) at basically any age (to my knowledge).
So… While it seems weird to go to highschool at that age, it might be reasonable…

Poorly. twenty characters

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Not quite what I meant, but - sadly - it’s still accurate (from what I know of it)…

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That’s largely a meme. The reason American students’ test scores are lower than many other countries is that those countries actively encourage poor students to drop out and go work on a farm or something, whereas American schools try to get everyone to graduate.
This leads to a false perception that our schools are perpetually behind, which leads to constant cockamamie attempts over the past 50 years or so to “fix” them, (usually by piling on more homework and more and stricter testing requirements) which usually only makes things harder on the students without actually improving anything.

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