Characters have ages now? also is it possible to change my characters age?

i haven’t played in a really long time and i noticed that in the character creation tabs my character was twenty five years old. Is there a way to change my characters age cause id love to play as a character with the same age as me.

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If by character creation you meant ‘@’ menu:
Go to <game directory>/save/<your world name>
Find file ‘gibberish’.sav (‘gibberish’ is actually your character name in base64)
Open it with some text editor.
Search for "base_age": 25, replace 25 with the value you want it to be, save.

If you meant actual character creation screen - use arrow keys. Left/right will switch between name/height/age, up/down will increase/decrease them.


Yes in the character creation menu, you press left and right arrow to change the selected stat, and enter to edit. you can edit both the age and height. up and down arrow also works.

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