Advanced Tips for the Accomplished Survivor

[quote=“Random_dragon, post:20, topic:9357”]If you have an NPC companion that’s slower than you, you can goad them to board a vehicle (move into their space, hit “no” when asked if you want to attack, they step back). If it’s one you intend to drag behind you, they’ll stay put until you let go AND move far enough away.

Push them onto a seat square and you can drive them around. o3o[/quote]

In fact it they will also ride on your shopping cart.

That’s what I meant by a vehicle you intend to drag around, yeah. o3o

Is it possible to tie a zlave to a vehicle seat, and get them to drive with you that way?

I’ve yet to actually try neutering zombies, so would be funny to see. o3o

Melee tips:

a) Be versatile, or have an early look into martial arts;
b) Multiple opponents require recon. Double-check bottlenecks;
c) Spare weapons come in handy more than you wished for;
d) Don’t rely on firearms when you’re unable to patch up - use them in order to get back in combat shape;
e) Stimulants are the subtle difference between attempting to flee and just managing to do so.

And remember - a goblin with a bear trap gets further than a bear chasing a goblin.

Don’t underestimate the value of simple traps. Nail boards and caltrops can wipe out hordes of melee oriented creatures with minimal risk to oneself, and do not have to be reset when activated. Adding a smooth surface and roller blades or skates, and you can literally dance around zombies and not once put yourself at risk as the traps thin out the ranks.

This technique can be used as early as day one, and can clear out a school, mega store, hospital, mall, etc. in the manner of a day or two provided that one remains vigilant in regards to ranged threats. In addition, there is no morale penalty for killing zombie children in this manner.

talking about nail boards if i drove over one would i get a puncture or will it just slightly damage a wheel?

Also. Have I mentioned that Krav Maga can be deliciously powerful at times? owo

Consistently fast strikes, and your critical hits stun the target. Find a punch dagger or other unarmed-skill weapon for extra Fun.

That’s a function of all bashing melee crits. Try slapping around a shocker brute with a rubber hose.

Damage the wheel.

Oh derp. Either way it meshes well with the quick strikes.

I could’ve sworn that I’ve stunlocked zombies with a punch dagger and Krav Maga though. O.o

salt water can be obtained from shallow water in swamps.

[quote=“Random_dragon, post:28, topic:9357”]Also. Have I mentioned that Krav Maga can be deliciously powerful at times? owo

Consistently fast strikes, and your critical hits stun the target. Find a punch dagger or other unarmed-skill weapon for extra Fun.[/quote]

I don’t know, ninjitsu is pretty darn spiffy, too - double damage with a katana? HELLO!

And the silent strikes is gravy - add light step and less scent and you’re a serious ghost.

Ooh, I need to try being a ninja. We need a ninja class though. o3o

Niten-Ichi Ryu seems very damaging as well. When I found it, I tried using a quarterstaff, and I started one-shotting most zombies with it. Stuff like Hulks needed some hits to take down, but compared to using Krav Maga before hand, it took much less time for a kill. 'course finding the book needed is pretty much down to RNG. Only found one in a mansion library and all.

Yeah, NIR is optimized for 1v1 fighting and is rather potent in that sort of situation. Get mobbed, and it may be a bit worse.

Still wish I had something to use a zweihander with. ;A;

Haven’t noticed it too much yet. I usually stack up the clothes to armor myself, so movement is kind of slow, plus I often keep dragging around a wheelbarrow to fight. I do get hit a lot, but for most part the damage output of a quarterstaff powered by NIR overshadows what little damage I get thanks to the armor - and the damage goes up once I start using a katana.

On the other hand, most of the ones I fight are at worst brutes, and sometimes spider basement swarms. Could be a different story if the enemies were different.

This is a fantastic setup. Even though I don’t use the holster and two ankle holsters I still have room to put things on and still no encumbrance.

…Setups like this are probably why we have the new encumberment system, right?

  1. Remove scavenged food from their container (unless its perishable in a can). 90% of the time, the food has less volume than the container it fits in and, at the very least, getting rid of the container reduces the overall weight you are carrying (if marginally). This is especially true for things in cardboard boxes.

That’s all I have. I had more, but they got stated already.