Good Guides for the more recent versions of CA:DDA

Hi!!! Just Starting Here! And i am having trouble finding more recent guides that are more detailed than get a trench-coat and Cudgel, does any exist?

Most Vormithrax videos are up to date and explain the game really well. He made Cataclysm University series as well as Cataclysm Quick Tips:

Other than that, nowadays early survival (on evac shelter start at least) is pretty easy. For survival you essentially need just these 6 things:

  • Stone knife (for buthering, cutting things and many recipes)
  • Stone hammer (for construction and many recipes)
  • Makeshift crowbar (relatively silent and fast door/crate opening)
  • Stone Spear (by the very far best early game weapon which is still good even later on, early on you can clear entire cities with it when combined with something ranged for spitters/smokers/shockers/scientists. Its gimmick is that you can use it to attack from 2 squares away, right now it seems to be very OP for how early into the game you can craft it)
  • Fire source - most primitive one you can create without contact with civilization is stone circle buildable via construction menu (you need digging stick or any other digging tool for this), or faster way is to smash oven to get metal plates and craft a brazier which you can then place. Alternatively you can grab oven back to your base. Never sit near fire unless it’s started inside one of these!
  • Fire starter - lighters are pretty common drop from zombies and inside houses, if you play with NPC they like giving them to you as well. “Wild” alternatives are fire drill and camp fire drill.

Did somebody add the fire container flag to ovens? 'Cause setting a fire on an oven’s tile used to be a reliable way to set a house on fire.

Ovens do, in fact, have the FIRE_CONTAINER flag.

Cool, so the hip modern survivor knows to build the fire inside the oven instead of on top of it like his primitive forebears. Good to know!
(I still can’t visualize that being effective for cooking stuff)

You want double dusters or a duster with a hoodie on top, legs are the most vulnerable early game body part.

If you find damaged fitting cargo pants from a body site it’s a good catch. They’re easy to repair but hard to make fit.

Always carry a bundle of rags with you (new craftable) to repair clothes with. There’s also a bundle for leather to save volume while trying to get that nomad suit if you’re forced on the move.