Adaptive vitamin type caps

I’m going to keep this simple due to my lack of understanding of biology and the games coding.

To the point, would it be an interesting/good idea to have a vitamin system change based on a players biology?

As with the current system’ the longer you go without a certain type of vitamin, a nasty symptom will appear to reflect this; the longer you endure without fullfilling it, the worse it will be.
So hitting -4800 will show the early symptoms, -5600 for mild symptoms, -6400 for worse symptoms, -12000 for the extreme symptoms.
Comparatively, each vitamin type is scaled differently from each other. So some vitamin deficiencies may show earlier than later.
For example: Iron caps at -12000, with the earliest symptoms appearing at -4800. Where as Vitamin C caps at -5600, showing it’s earliest symptoms at -2800.

So to rephrase, could and should these different vitamin types adjust’ based on the different biologies of players?

So, carnivorous mutants would have a lower cap to their Iron requirements. Herbivores with their A and B type requirements. An cyborgs’ I imagine, would require little in terms of vitamins, especially as their body is slowly replaced with mechanical parts. That’ or the removal of their brains into a robotic metal casket. Which I’m sure will lead to an even greater reduction to their needs for food or vitamins overall.

It’s a rough idea, and I don’t know if it holds any ground. So it be interesting to learn more of what everyone thinks.


Traits can define vitamin decay rates, production and absorption ratios - Carnivore negates your need for Vit C, for example. There is no way to mess with vitamin wells at the moment, or capping decay/accumulation at an arbitrary level, though those would be welcome additions.

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One thing that should change based on biology height is the amount of kalories your character can store. currently it is locked at 55000 calories regardless of height or mutations. Leading to a small mousemutant of 70 cm in height being able to store the same amount of kalories as a 3m+ ursine mutant with the extra fatstores mutation before becoming obese.

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