Adamantinum Claws force me to "drop my karate"

If I activate my CBM: Adamantinum Claws I can’t fight in karate mode… I don’t know if that’s intended but I’d think that it’s a bug

I guess theoretically that should work but technically you’d be wielding 2 weapons, and Admantinum Claws make you drop ANY weapon.

Well, fighting with Wolverine claws would be a bit different than fighting bare-fisted, so I don’t think Karate training will help much (not that it’s needed) when you go all X-men on the zombies.

On the other hand, I’ve always liked the idea of weapon-based kung-fu. Like, martial arts styles involving knives, since I know certain ones (e.g. Krav Maga) can be used with weapons. Some can even be used with guns in CQC.

Problem: Mutation-based hand upgrades do apply to martial arts attacks. Long Talons + Taekwondo = Profit.

Well, better than in .4, where you could throw your Karate at nearby foes.

…y’know, I don’t think I checked to see if that got fixed yet. I’d test it, but I’ve got a semi-successful survivor going on right now, and don’t like to have multiple worlds going at once.

It’s not, and in fact we have a post talking about it in this exact forum (post).

Thought: could an active claw-bionic be handled in the same way as mutation attacks? Something like “adamant_claw_out” giving +X base cutting damage?