Act_cost and react_cost in bionics

Hey coders, act_cost and react_cost in the bionics JSON files don’t have a clear use that I can pin down in the code. This MD seems to be a little outdated and searching the code for react_cost only has 3 instances in the code that I could find.

deact_cost doesn’t seem to be used either.

Can anyone break these down? I’d be happy to get that into the MD and the wiki.

Turns out react_cost is the amount that’s charged per time’s turns. It threw me off because they’re always the same amount as act_cost in the bionics.json. I wonder if this a holdover from previous code when they weren’t separated. Some experimenting showed this. Change bio_light to react_cost 7 and it would charge 7 every 25 turns instead of 1.