20 Charges on my Screwdriver? Am I the Doctor?

I attempted to deconstruct a pair of facial distortion bionics, but the game complained I needed a screwdriver with 20 charges. Not sure if the JSON got screwed up or what. If needed, I can provide a save.

I’m on version 0.9-1049-gaflfd84.

I’ve also got a weird bug I couldn’t reproduce with the game complaining about weird scents.

,{ "type" : "recipe", "result": "bio_face_mask", "id_suffix": "uncraft", "category": "CC_NONCRAFT", "skill_used": "electronics", "skills_required": [ "firstaid", 5 ], "difficulty": 7, "time": 50000, "reversible": true, "autolearn": false, "tools": [ [ [ "screwdriver", 20 ], [ "toolset", 2 ] ], [ [ "soldering_iron", -1 ], [ "toolset", -1 ]

Found the problem. I’ll search through and see if there’s any other issues like this. Anywhere I could upload a fixed JSON to so it can get in the next build?

Interesting find.

I can do that now for you.

Solution implemented here: #4671


Thanks. Now that everything’s been JSON’d its a lot easier for people like me to look over things. I might fix a few other inconsistencies I found, like not all bionics being uncraftable and such.