Acidic Ant Strategies?

ANBC suit to handle the acid (NOT acid ant chitin armor: that’s a trap that does NOT protect against acid). I believe there are some alternatives that work. Rubber boots will indeed protect against acid (but doesn’t do much to block bites).

Barrelbombs are the solution to most of your problems.

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The boots did significantly reduce acid damage when I tested it about six months back, but it was sort of like the “75% coverage” type of problem, it let through enough damage that it wasn’t especially useful for its intended task.

Reduced damage is useless when wading through acid, and that’s what you’d have to do in any confined space. Of course, if you’re able to kill them all before they get close enough to barf acid at you you can put your finger on the “do nothing” key for a minute for each ant waiting for the acid to go away (although I can’t see how you’d be able to avoid having to turn corners to always stay out of the acid attacks).

I believe the coverage is 90%, but unless the protection is a contingency for when rare unpleasant events happen (ESAPI vest) anything less than 100% isn’t useful. Now, it’s probably possible to take on acid ants by going in for a while until the acid has eaten away enough of your character, return back to base for a couple of days of recuperation, and return for repeat sessions, but that’s bound to be rather boring and probably not something to do before you have sufficient gear unless you’ve got a strong reason for doing it before that.

Well, yeah, like i said, those boots aren’t especially useful for their intended task. You need rubber boots instead.

I’ve gotten the impression that survivor fire boots + two layers of flame resistant socks would work as well, but I haven’t tested it.

They really need to separate the resistances from coverage, otherwise anything with environmental protection values and <100% coverage is basically just useless.

If the protection is supposed to be lesser due to incomplete coverage, then it should simply be reflected by a lower resistance number.

I agree that separation is needed, so physical damage works with the coverage percentage and the various environmental ones work on the protection values only.
The environmental effects tend to be more of area attacks anyway, rather than point ones, so they’d hit the weak spots as well as the better protected ones when that body part is affected.