Absurdly powerful character-ending evolved zombies casually waltzing on the surface

I’m not sure exactly where, but being able to stumble into some sort of hyper-uplifted horrors within the first week or two on the surface, even through some kinda nested mapgen spawn, within already densely zombie packed and dangerous cities is a big no no, got absolutely annihilated .

scissorlimbs aand gangrenous crawler, any reason these would spawn early-game on the surface?
I recall not being able to outrun them and escape them, even at night, where the city is already dangerous enough.

I don’t recall these things existing last I played, so I had no reason to fear them until they were in my face and outrunning my sprinting, and proceeding to gas and maul me to death quickly.

As a general rule for balance I believe, and I need to work on this myself for PK rebalancing mod personally, is incredibly mobs you have no way of knowing exist beforehand should either be in some horrific dungeon, rare basement, glow, make loud noises, or generally be something that is evolved into later in the game.

Forgive, me, I was having a lovely run that was swiftly ended with no way to prevent it.
I think the spawns of these monsters early-game were made too common in everyday locations.

Experimental is experimental for a reason, so it’s my fault in the end :’ )

iirc those can always spawn in ruined towers, even from the very start
haven’t seen “scissorlimbs” at all, are those from a mod?

They’re more recent additions to that area. Yes, there are some places in the game that will always generate higher tier zombies. As for this particular location, yes, if you see it and you have no reason to be there, you should flee immediately. And yes, most of the time they’ll still be able to catch you and might still kill you. Them’s the breaks.

I wasn’t at any particularly special area is the issue, I was at a forest tile south of a pawn shop surrounded by ordinary houses.

Is there a chance that they could for unintended reasons spawn as part of a horde or something? I’ve really got no idea where they came from.

Although no “solution” for the “problem” of highly evolved Zombies spawning, I suggest always carrying a few Zombie Pheromones with you for that exact reason. They don’t take away too much space, are relatively easy to obtain, can be activated quickly and usually work on all Zombies (although it might takes a few tries, that’s why I suggest to carry more than just one) - unless they can’t smell.

this wasn’t a late-game character with fancy chemistry skills, there was no ability to have those, this situation was unavoidable near-instadeath with no landmarks to tell me otherwise, that’s my issue.

maybe I’ll have to look into the jsons myself and see where else these could spawn or what would prevent them from wandering too much from said area like they did.

Or whether a bug makes hordes of them spawn.

Uhm, yes, I got that:

You can just cut them out of Zombies (dissect them). No chemistry necessary and the chance of cutting them out isn’t terrible, while also training your first aid skill, so win-win.

AFAIK hordes don’t track their contents, something can go in as a shocker and come out as, like, two brutes instead.
Having something like this spawn away from the tower sounds like you encountered a bug.

From my own experience you can sometimes find them having wandered from a nearby tower after noises and various creatures. If I’m able to scout it ahead from a tall building I usually just stay out of the general area. I think I’ve seen the crawlers at least 5 tiles from the towers a few times. But this was quite a few builds and time ago.

That event stopped me from doing my typical “wait for night and sneak around town” I had stumbled into while still learning the game. IIRC they had great night vision as well. And instead started doing like I said and trying my best to find a spot to get higher and see more of the surrounding area before I actually go in.

Also I think the secronom mod (not entirely sure on this, I play with a ton of mods) has a “flesh house” that has them in the basement that could have wandered off from that tile as well.

I’ve yet to actually step foot in the actual tower. But i’d assume the spawn locations and geometry could probably be manipulated to keep the dungeon monsters inside the dungeon bar maybe excessively waiting around nearby. But to say that for sure i’ll have to actually see it

The interior of the tower is a mess of collapses and debris, VERY hard to navigate, but usually the Impalers and other things stay pretty close. They also tend to get into slap fights with the surrounding zombies, which (again) keeps them in the vicinity. Like other posters have indicated, your best bet is to scope out the area and stay away from Fallen Office Towers until you have good gear and the skills to use it. Otherwise, it’s just bad luck.