A way to improve Auto Pickup

I like auto pickup but it would be nice to limit the number you auto pick up ex lets say i have a rule to pick up arrows id like to decide how many i have in my inventory from auto pick up so when i walk over ammo i don’t get 100’s of arrows instantly

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If you want your suggestions to get noticed, learn some grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I can’t understand you.

Ok, In the current auto pickup system you can’t tell the game to only pick up X amount of an item so lets say I have 1000 rags but i only want 10 but I’m auto picking up rags it will instantly fill me and I know you can say use advanced inventory mode but there are somethings Id rather not have to count out like arrows

I picture you speaking like this guy, irl… I too would like to specify a maximum quantity for autopickup. +1 for the idea. Work on those run-on sentences though, it’s a chore to decipher them. Periods are your friend and they miss you.

Max quantity for auto pickup is a neat idea indeed.

Malkeus thats about right

I’ve opened an issue on this topic: