A question on how the game deals with spawns

So I was using the same game world for like a real life week. Everytime a character would die (all the time grrrr), I would make a new character but in the same world. It seemed like even tho the start date went all the way back to day 1 of the cataclysm, the monster spawns got worse. Like I started running into tough stuff, not just regular zombies.
So then I chose the same world, but chose the reset world option. Right away I ran into some thing with power armor or something that insta-owned me right near the start shelter. Made a new guy, same world. Started in a new shelter somewhere else. Ran right down the road and as I get to the outskirts of the first town, I run into some devourer thing that has a bunch of human bodies all fused together. Am I just getting unlucky in what I run into? How does the game handle spawns and mutating mobs over time? Does making a new character change the spawns? What about reset option?

EDIT:Oh yea I forgot I had a second, non-related question. I somehow messed up and hit some debug thing and it started showing info on metabolic rates and whatnot. But when I went to sleep I kept getting a message saying that I “didnt have any dreams”. Whats up with this dream stuff? Is thing something in game, or something being worked on?


It depends heavily on your game settings, namely Monster evolution scaling factor and Spawn rate scaling factor.
This answer from an other topic explains it well:

Since you’re playing in the same world, you can run into the same (already evolved) monsters or monsters with it’s timer getting close to evolving. If you go into newly generated terrain, I’m not sure, but I think it uses the (newly) generated evolution timer of your current character.

To my understanding it wipes your world completely and just keeps the mod list. That should reset the timer for sure.

Dreams are mutation related. See the wiki pages on mutations and dreams (spoilers).
Or for short (taken from said wiki page): Once you are sufficiently mutated, you will begin receiving dreams, relating to how strongly mutated you are toward your highest category.

Wow thank you very much for your reply. So it sounds like more or less I just hit a bad luck streak in what I ran into. To be honest, Ive been playing this game off and on for at least a year and I’ve never run into any of those things before. But then, I’ve also never even survived a whole in game month yet lol. Or encountered anything to do with mutations, or those cbm things (found my first one the other day in that previous run), or even done ANYTHING with vehicles yet. I suck at this game hahaha.


Don’t worry, it comes with time. Have fun with your world!

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