A possible bug?

Hope I am doing this right first time making a topic.

First off, I’m not entirely sure this is a bug or by design. There’s no error message associated with this situation and it’s more of a Trait interaction thing. Involving the Killer drive trait.

used debug to retest the situation just in case it was a one-off thing. However, as you can see for some reason if you have Killer drive which I assumed also removed guilt since killing child zombies is nullified by psychopathic just like this one and KD specifically implies it gives a bonus to morale for killing…

I just don’t get why it gives a negative for killing an innocent. Especially since the profession that starts with it also has the implication that you were a murderer of innocents so why would you now feel guilty about it?

It does seem to be a bug, but not with the trait itself. Rather, it’s supposed to only be possible to get this trait if you have Psychopath, which would negate the penalty for killing innocents.

"type": "mutation",
"id": "KILLER",
"name": "Killer Drive",
"points": 2,
"description": "You derive enjoyment from killing things.  Putting end to life seem to spark some dark satisfaction and thrill, and you crave it every moment.",
"starting_trait": true,
"valid": false,
"social_modifiers": { "intimidate": 10 },
"prereqs": [ "PSYCHOPATH" ],
"cancels": [ "PACIFIST" ],
"flags": [ "CANNIBAL" ]

As you can see, it lists PSYCHOPATH as a prerequisite. I assume this is for gaining the trait through mutation. I’m not entirely clear how starting traits affect one another, I’ve seen a positive trait make a negative trait inaccessible and vice versa, but never a trait enable another trait from the same table. Possible solutions would be a psychopath flag (is this a thing?) or removing killer drive from start traits altogether.
I recommend you check github and see if there’s an issue up for this error and add one if not.

In character creation, selecting the Killer Drive trait, then Psychopath should allow you to have both, despite KD graying out after taking Psychopath.

This seems odd, because, as Malkeus pointed out, Psychopath is the prerequisite, and if anything, Killer Drive should be grayed out until Psychopath is selected.

I suppose this all begs the question, are the two traits supposed to be able to coexist, or should Psychopath become Killer Drive?

If they’re not supposed to exist together, then perhaps KD should be treated as an upgraded Psycho trait, which would add the killing morale bonus on top of guilt free slaughtering and butchering. Perhaps with a 4 point cost, as opposed to 2, to drive home that it is the higher level of the two?

Might just be simpler to compound it into a single trait. Psychopath gives both bonuses but, with a slightly larger cost?

I’ll be sure to remember the current solution for the future so thanks to you both for explaining.