A newbie question about the Spider Mutation Tree

So, I’ve been playing CataDDA on and off for a couple years now and I’ve always wondered if the venom mutations from the spider ever actually did anything. I’ve waited at least a day after using the venom on a creature and it doesn’t die or suffer extra damage.

I don’t know, but I would try using it on an NPC.

Im not sure how venom affects NPCs/monsters.

I know its not the same as how it hits the PC. Partially because monsters dont have attribuites proper and NPCs dont give a crap about most things.

That sounds like a coolthulu Question. But Look at fungal infections on monsters.

NPCs do respond to pain, which I think is what the venom causes.

I know venom causes pain, that definitely explains why some of the npcs lost a stat point or two after I hit them with the strongly venomous fangs.