A Mod idea. (Needed help)

I want to create a weapon but it’ll be wearable. So you guys can help how to create. I already know how to make things in the game (I’m actually working on a mod and it’ll add 20+ guns, armors and new ammo types). So I want to know if is possible create a melee weapon wearable.

Also I have to start with the melee or armor?

Here a example

Thanks for support.
(Sorry for the bad English :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

i think you would need it to make it work like those mutations that gives you an extra attack when attacking in melee

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Yes you’re right, also the Bionic claws CBM is a good base for creating this project. Thank you for the support.

Right now, I think the only framework for something like that is in CBMs, which let you extend or retract a weapon at will. Tying that framework to a piece of clothing is probably doable, but nobody has coded it yet.

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That’s good and bad. Because I’m definitely know almost nothing about programing, and create a file of the zero is not a option.
So I’ll analyze the files of CBM and maybe create a wearable melee weapon.