A little problem about NPC tracking target

So I found a few raider’s base (the one with the mine field), and I found out those raider NPC has something a little problem about tracking the target (or mabye just PC?),

Here’s situation, when I going to the front gate, a few NPC thug with the M4 rifle was try to chasing me, by the time is alright in 20:00, and the sky is about to became dark,

When the the sky alright became dark, NPC were still can tracking me whatever where I go, like they have a goggles or something, but actually don’t,

mabye the npc should make a sytstem that they will losing they target, if the target hiding in the dark place, or too far distance, then they will return where they came from, or simply standing around,

I hope npc AI getting improve soon, Is really unreality, whichs the hostile NPC chasing you on the dark all over the place without a light source or goggles…

It wont happen soon. The current goal is trying to stabilize the game enough to release 0.D