A little modding help

So I’m kind of sad that being a plant doesn’t make you at least neutral with the Triffids since they don’t run around killing all the other plants in CDDA. So I was wondering if there was a tag I can throw into a json somewhere that will allow a post threshold plant to be on the same side as the Triffids. Not unlike a mycus player not being attacked by fungus.

@pisskop You can probably help here since I know you’ve worked with modding factions.

thats to do with factions. hardcoded, or at least locked behind lua . . .

we can set initial factions, but not change factions of an existing mon.

It feels a little strange that you can’t be buddies, or at least neutral as said once you transcend humanity to be a walking, talking, tree with a lumber axe. I hope that changes…
Of course, if you were to, you know, attack them, it makes sense the nearby fungus would reply with aggressive themselves. It only makes sense in that case.

Bugger, well thank you for the replies. It saves me digging through the jsons trying to find a flag

So the only way to do it would be to code a mutation do it for you like the fungus?