Zombie Camouflage

Take a note from the Walking Dead’s Whisperer faction and be able to skin the dead and wear said skin? Probably with a high Survival skill would unlock the recipe.

Now obviously anything non-zed would be hostile, and zombie could even “notice” the skin walker if they get too close. The skin itself could be very delicate and tear/break with the slightest damage.

Imagine that, wearing the dead skin, skulking (no running or that’ll tip them off) across town, then encounter a Mi-Go and it smacks you around a bit, but you live. But your dead skin didn’t. Now the dead all turn heads at you in unison. “Fuck.”

The issue is that zombies are not people. They are, only in the beginning, even physiologically like a human enough to blend in.

I think you may have misunderstood me.

I meant that you could butcher and skin a zombie, wear the skin as clothing, then said zombies would consider you an ally up to close inspection.

Zombies evolve into progressive drier and more deformed monsters with a putty-like consistency.

they grow natural armor, horrible mutations, and are -in theory- a gestalt conciousness. Zombies pheromones are actually broken right now, so Ive heard.

Would be an awesome game mechanic, sneaking through towns in zombie skins, if only usable with classic zombies.

Honestly I think it’d be more efficient just to wear a bush. Zombies don’t care about cars unless they can hear them, and they just attack noises, they aren’t after the car. If you hid in a bush, they can’t see you, and wouldn’t care about the bush at all. Provided you don’t make noise and they don’t smell you, you’re in the clear.

I’m really hoping for some kind of stealth system in the game - something where you can see enemies and they can’t see you, beyond abusing sight radius. I’d like to be able to creep through town instead of loitering at specific distances and sprinting between houses.

We can take it to the next level: Hiding under cardboard boxes.

It worked in other games, right?

MGS mod needs to be a thing.

What I really want isnt msg stealth, but better ‘coverage’ from ranged attacks and a through that a better LoS system.

Hiding under the covers is a valid strategy, assuming the zombies don’t smell you. So is sleeping under the bed.