"A"ctivating hooded cloth to wear it over some headgear?

This came to me when I was walking on the street on a particularly cold night and I remembered to pull my jackets hood over the knit hat I was wearing, and it came to me, I should be able to do this in cataclysm, not just use the hood (forcefuly might I add) when I’ve got nothing on my head.

Would it be feasible to make a cloth function where you activate it for some specific reason like putting your hood on? Maybe make it work only over 0 encumbrance headgear to keep it senseful.

I don’t wear jackets with hoods, neither IRL nor in Cataclysm, but this might be a cool thing to add, obviously hoods encumber the head pretty much, reducing your Line of sight and your dodge ability.

I thought hoodies had a similar thing to clothes with warm pockets for hands where the game automatically used them when the involved bits where cold?

I think as it stands it usually uses the hood if the head slot is free, not when it’s cold. Automaticly activating only when it turns cold and even if there is another headgear on (0 encumbrance ones) would probably be the easiest and sensible solution.

Correct. One of Rivet’s.