A couple forum use questions

–I (think) I’ve seen people use some sort of dropdown menu a while ago, and I’m wondering how to do that. Well, if you can anyway. I very possibly could be totally wrong and be thinking about something else entirely.
–Secondly, I’ve seen people post a link and rename it to something like ‘here’ for example. I think I’ve managed to do that before, but I forgot how to do so.

I’ve never seen a dropdown menu, but if you click the little gear and choose “Hide Details”

Click Here

Then you can put stuff in here.


You can even nest them.

To make a named link just click “Hyperlink” and put in a link and title.

–Oh, in retrospect that was incredibly obvious. :expressionless: Thanks for the quick answer
–Since you have answered my questions, there is not much more point in this thread. I’m glad this included a nice, simple, and quick answer. I’d close this thread if I could, but of course I can’t. If someone high enough would grace this thread by closing it, I’d welcome that.


someone else wants to ask a question or something really quick. Which may-or-may-not need to happen soon.

Well you can also mark my answer as a solution, but I’m not sure the post is set up right for that.

I’m not sure how I set that up.