A Beaver took control of my boat while I was driving it

Just sailing back home when a beaver decided to literally kick me out of the driver’s seat, run my boat aground, and then attack me for the trouble. What follows is the silly account of that fateful afternoon
2 min vid.


I don’t see the beaver driving your boat :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s there, you can see it fully after they run aground Bobdole steps off. The beaver climbs off the seat and attacks then. It kinda blends into the seat, no contrast.
Nice video, it’s hard to make these entertaining.

So, beavers are to Bob Dole what rabbits are to Jimmy Carter?

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If my current game of over 4 months is to believed. Jimmy had the rabid rabbits. I’m straddled with the bad-news-bevers…every…dang…time.

Those beavers aren’t to be trifled with. I just saw one kill a horse while I was fishing.

I hauled a dead zombie shark onto the shore and when it revived a beaver bit it to redeath!