[9bd9f06] NPC keeps trying to eat food (fungal infection)

I went to sleep in my car next to my NPC friend. It’s the middle of the night and he’s spamming ‘NPC tried to eat food, but couldn’t find any!’ repeatedly. His head does not explode. My hand is tired from holding spacebar. Send help.

EDIT: I guess he got caught in my spore cloud, because he’s vomiting gray goop. He woke me up by shooting something. I think I’ll keep him around, maybe feed him something.

~ is the default “toggle displaying debug messages” key, IIRC. It’s marked as “debug mode” in the keybindings.

And this reminds me of Earthbound when I pegged “food” as the favorite meal.

Thanks for reporting.

Debug mode is off. I traded him a honey comb but I couldn’t trade him a second one because he had no money. I used the debug menu to give him some meat but he only ate one and started up again.

After seeing this many more times, I’m bumping this thread with new information. No matter how much food is given to the offending NPC, they will gobble it up. When they run out, they will keep spamming. Food with many charges provides some relief, but not much. I have found the offending debug message in the code, but I don’t know how to change it into something that only shows when debug mode is on.

I’ve merged a quick fix for the spam, but that’s curing the symptom and not the disease. I have no what’s causing it and I would like someone besides just KA101 to reply.


You posted a fix, Rivet merged it. We don’t generally tinker with NPCs that much, so it’s possible we don’t have an answer for you. And I’ll try not to take that too personally. ;-/

Well, it wasn’t aimed as an insult. I meant that I wanted someone to post who had a different outlook on the situation. Ah, well, I’ll do some testing, debugging, and code-diving and I’ll see if I can figure out the problem.