[0.9-g826f765] DEBUG: Could not find monster with type

I keep getting that message anytime I’m in a lab, does anyone know what this means? Or how to fix it?

I’ve gotten it as well - one of the monsters mentioned in the spawn list obviously doesn’t really exist. The question is - which one?

I just came to report the exact same issue. It’s worth noting i’m on the experimental build.

I think it’s got to do with the blobs, either that or the Subspace Specimens. I know it only seems to happen in ice-labs.

…Also did I post this in the wrong thread again? ;>.=.> …It was late and I think I might have

Nope, it’s the right thread. Been getting this while walking out in the open. I think it maybe has to do something with the animals too.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Subspace specimens, just drove past an overworld portal I’d never seen before, no monsters but I did get the debug notice.