2648 Wincurses - Common Cold Bug?

Not too sure if this is a bug or not, but it seems likely. This was on a clean save, winter time using the Sheltered Senario. My char caught the common cold 2 days into the game, bare in mind though my char has Diesease Resistant, was in a comfortable state, been taking those new chewy vitamins (I had been taking 2 of these each day since day 1) and took a flu shot a few hours ago.

Thinking the RNG wasn’t on my side I took non-drowsy cough syrup to alleviate the effects. Few days later it went, however a few hours later I caught it again. Thinking the RNG REALLY hates me, I did exactly the same, taking cough syrup and waiting it out. A few days later it went, however a few hours later I caught it again. Either this is a bug, something is happening that I’m not aware of or the RNG don’t want this char to have an easy time.

Just seems weird, I’ve never caught the cold twice right after each other let alone 3 times.

Edit: After recovering the third time I haven’t had it back for about a day now. Only thing I changed was taking the normal vitamins instead of the gummy vitamins, might just be a coincidence though.

It’s almost fully RNG in early game. Wear a lot of environmental protection on mouth if you don’t like the odds.

Disease Resistant isn’t very balanced - it doesn’t protect much.

Early characters catch diseases easily, because their health stat (not hp) starts at 0. Vitamins will raise it slowly if you take them regularly (one per day is good), but it can easily take a month to reach good health.

Flu shot doesn’t protect from diseases in general, it only downgrades flu to common cold.