(24fe0e0) Strength boosts do not affect melee damage

Tested with the Muscle Augmentation CBM and the Hydraulic Muscles CBM. Melee damage on stat screen remained at 5 after installing both and activating Hydraulic Muscles. Carry weight went up. Base HP stayed the same, but I imagine that’s intentional. Still couldn’t smash the wooden benches in the evac shelter after activating the hydraulics.

Also, don’t know if this helps or not, but I first noticed this playing 0.C and tested it in the experimental after.

Noticed this too, taekwondo axe-kicks did around the same damage with or without hydraulic muscles active. Was hoping to send some zoms flying.

Well, an axe-kick shouldn’t ever do knockback as it’s dropping your heel onto the target from above. But apart from that minor detail, yeah, this is a bug and thanks for reporting.

Axe-kicks typically aim for the collarbone. Though that would really only apply knockback to something that can feel pain.