22C and snowing in early Summer, year two

Title says it all, really.

year two
O_o So you have managed to survive for two years in Cata DDA?

If you can survive for a couple of seasons you can survive more or less indefinitely. But anyway, the weather is completely screwed up at this point and I don’t think it was quite so badly broken in 0.4.

This is technically the game is supposed to be in “New England”, NOT California. Different regions experience different weather patterns.

No region on the planet ever experiences 22C heat and snow.

edit: Perhaps you’re completely unfamiliar with celsius. 22C is 77F. It’s impossible for it to snow at this temperature. That fact notwithstanding, summer snow in the northeastern USA is more or less unheard of. The weather system is simply broken.

Apearently you’ve never been in Idaho before ;D We still get snow well into Spring… not quiet Summer but we have snow up until April. It can be a nice 60-70 ne day and go to bed, wake up BAM couple inches on the ground.

Yes, I know it can snow in Spring, thank you. It almost never snows in summer, and it is literally impossible for snow to occur in heat that high. Even given moon-like levels of dryness.

Good grief, when I started this thread I was not expecting to end up arguing with people over whether snowstorms in 22C heat is a bug or a feature.

Y’know, Wiki has an article on New England’s climate. Summers are plenty warm & sunny there–unless there’s a portal or Lab messing with the local microclimate, halberdsturgeon’s right. Snow in Summer is unlikely at best; snow released into 22C ambient temperature is gonna melt before it hits the ground (IOW: drizzle/rain!).

As for Idaho, I respectfully ask whether a) there are mountains nearby, b) what the night-time temperatures reach. Cata’s not great at tracking temperature drop once the sun sets.

maybe it’s very high pressure atmosphere there :slight_smile:


it’s 77 WHILE it’s snowing. has nothing to do with fast weather changes.


it’s 77 WHILE it’s snowing. has nothing to do with fast weather changes.[/quote]

God works in mysterious ways?

hmm, could be a nuclear fallout, any nuclear reactors around Idaho? Or volcanoes?

I think so… we have this place called the INL, some governement site, they have a lot of nuclear scientists so I figure they have some time of reactor out there.