.22 is overpowered?

Alright, so i ran out of a gun store with a ruger 10/22
I murdered atleast 10 zombies with the surplus ammo. Then got narrowed down to CB and RATSHOT
Both of these rounds i found overpowered, they killed in 3-4 shots and had insane distance.
I used this surplus of ammunition to clear out a spider infested library and the spiders didn’t even attack me.

GL killing skeletal/armored enemies with it. Regular zombies, sure, but they die to any firearms or good melee weapons anyway.


if anything, its underpowered, if you’re incredibly skilled with it you should be able to take out most things in 1 shot as long as its not armored.

.22 =/= weak, just small.

that said, all firearms are decent, but crafting ammo is a pain.


eh, let’s just write this off as blob magic making zombies super tough to kill with little holes - you need either many holes or something that will rip the arms/legs off on impact.

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I mean at the end of the day the FML is just a better 22.lr you can carry on you at all times / if you’re looking for a 22. to be overpowered just play Magiclysm and spam magic Missile at lv5+

Edit. The 22.lr is underpowered because there is no belt fed weapon for it unlike the multiple 7.62 / 50 cal belts you can find on vehicles which can set your character for life till you find a lazer weapon. (be nice if you could find American-180 turrets on police vehicles or such)

.22 is safety rated for over five kilometers
you can’t actually aim that far away but they have the power to hurt and kill from that distance
and as for damage even one round to the motion center of the brain is enough if it’s just regular zeds or a medium size creature like a deer 22 can still kill in a few shots
honestly most hunters use overpowered ammunition for what they’re trying to kill just because if you don’t get it with the first shot you have to spend several hours tracking a wounded animal or if it’s dangerous it might kill you first

All guns in CDDA are wildly overpowered these days. They never miss even in incompetent hands, they do insane damage, etc. A rifle skill of 2 is about all you need to run around with a .22 head-shotting zombies till the sun goes down - all training higher does is effectively increase your fire rate and effective range a bit, but range doesn’t matter much at all once you have a bicycle to kite the crowd. Not sure why all these trained soldiers in APC and jeeps had even the slightest difficulty dealing with them.

Guns are trivial zombie erasers - the only issue is ammo.