.22 is overpowered?

Alright, so i ran out of a gun store with a ruger 10/22
I murdered atleast 10 zombies with the surplus ammo. Then got narrowed down to CB and RATSHOT
Both of these rounds i found overpowered, they killed in 3-4 shots and had insane distance.
I used this surplus of ammunition to clear out a spider infested library and the spiders didn’t even attack me.

GL killing skeletal/armored enemies with it. Regular zombies, sure, but they die to any firearms or good melee weapons anyway.

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if anything, its underpowered, if you’re incredibly skilled with it you should be able to take out most things in 1 shot as long as its not armored.

.22 =/= weak, just small.

that said, all firearms are decent, but crafting ammo is a pain.


eh, let’s just write this off as blob magic making zombies super tough to kill with little holes - you need either many holes or something that will rip the arms/legs off on impact.

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I mean at the end of the day the FML is just a better 22.lr you can carry on you at all times / if you’re looking for a 22. to be overpowered just play Magiclysm and spam magic Missile at lv5+

Edit. The 22.lr is underpowered because there is no belt fed weapon for it unlike the multiple 7.62 / 50 cal belts you can find on vehicles which can set your character for life till you find a lazer weapon. (be nice if you could find American-180 turrets on police vehicles or such)