[0.9-433-gb553107 Console] Bullet-Proof Cougers

As if they weren’t bad enough.
I know .22 isn’t exactly the most powerful amunition, but it should at the very least be able to do light damage.
At point-blanc.
Fucking hell cougers scare me.

Did it miss? Was it a grazing hit? Remember how the hit was described at all, how much damage it said was done, what type of gun you were using, etc etc?

It went plink.


From the .22 rifle.

No damage half the time at point blanc.
The other half the time it did barely 2.

For comparison, it takes a few shot point-blanc with a zed, but still kills it eventually.

Are you using rat shot or conical ball ammunition?

Doesn’t specify.
And upon reading the description, i realize im an idiot.

It happens.

.22 CB = .22 Short, correct?

in my experiences, shooting .22 shorts out of a 10/22 gives it worse ballistics because the propellant is inadequate for the barrel length (and it doesn’t feed properly anyways)