Narcoleptic not working?

Recently made a character with narcoleptic. Rather then actually falling asleep my character just temporarily goes blind and can wander around continuing doing whatever he wants. Periodic blindness is certainly annoying but it’s pretty far from falling sleep. It gives all the proper text for trying to sleep, failing to sleep, and falling asleep but the sleep simply doesn’t actually occur.

Build 8569

I guess you’ve mastered sleep walking as well. You can even craft stuff as well?


Yup, built a door, made a makeshift crowbar and spend a bunch of time building and dissassembling a counter for two levels of fabrication. Even killed two zombie dogs “asleep.”

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Are you actually resting during this period and regaining fatigue?

Have you tried using infrared while “asleep”? I’m curious if that would still work.

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Well my character is yet to develop “tired” yet so hard to tell? Health sure isn’t moving and if that tired doesn’t come soon he’s going to die very soon to that chest injury and the acidic discharge.

Have not tried the infrared but don’t have access to it.

Either way it does seem like a pretty major bug. Does it happen every time?

100% of the time. On multiple runs too. Tiredness doesn’t go down either so it acts fully like temporary periodic blindness right now.

If I had to guess, this is because of the refactor that turned trying to fall asleep into an action you can cancel instead of just a status effect. It probably hasn’t been updated to just make you actually fall asleep, like microsleeps from fatigue do.

Is there a way I can simply remove narcoleptic from my character? The periodic extended blindness is rather frustrating especially when it happens in the middle of a fight. If my character just fell asleep at least they’d wake up when bitten but dear god extended random hour long blindness is truly an awful trait. Also if it gets fixed later how can I re-add it back in?

Go to your hotkeys and set the debug menu hotkey. I use F5, personally.

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